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Save on Refinance Fees

Everyone, it’s Ken at the Capitol Mortgage Group. You know, two things you should be looking at when you’re refinancing your home loan. First, everyone looks at the interest rate. Second, and maybe more importantly, you should be also looking at the closing costs, often backs will tack on thousands of dollars and fees but just roll them into your loan. The bigger the bank, often the bigger the closing costs as well. So check us out at where you’ll see low to no closing costs options for refinance, never an underwriting fee, a processing fee, or even an appraisal fee, saving you thousands of dollars. So again, check us out Capitol Mortgage Group, that’s capitol with an O, You’ll see live rates, our customer reviews, and you can start your online digital mortgage process just by clicking apply now. Capitol Mortgage Group, a better way for your home loan.

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