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Another Reason to work with Capitol Mortgage Group

Recently, my firm, Capitol Mortgage Group, received the Pinnacle designation from Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. Quicken Loans is also known as Rocket Mortgage, the nation’s top mortgage lender.

There’s several different reasons why a firm chooses to partner with Quicken Loans. First and foremost is pricing leadership. I pull pricing from over 55 different banks daily and they are consistently in that top grouping. Second is their technology and their execution of their process. It really provides an overall enhanced experience for my clients, whether they’re buying a home or refinancing their current mortgage, so pricing leadership, great technology, flawless execution. Mix that in with a local independent mortgage broker with over 20 years experience and you’ll find out why so many people are saying that Capitol Mortgage Group really is a better way to get your home loan.

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