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LOW LOW RATES – we mean it this time


Hey everybody, it’s Ken at the Capitol Mortgage Group. If you have access to the internet, TV, you have news, radio, whatever, you’ve heard what’s happening in the global markets in the sell off. You’ve also probably heard how that’s affecting mortgage rates. We use the term often all time low. Now I think we really meaning it as it goes to mortgage rates. But perhaps you’ve called your current mortgage servicer or your bank to see just how low these rates are and you’re really not that impressed.

Well, many banks are facing what we call capacity pricing, meaning when they get so overwhelmed with new business, they raise the rates up a little bit or maybe even a lot the chase away new business, let their operations catch up. That’s why it’s such an advantage to use an independent mortgage broker like Capitol Mortgage Group. We shop over 55 different banks get you the best deal. Yes, I’m seeing some lenders that have capacity pricing. I’m seeing some lenders that are aggressively low. I’m seeing some lenders that are insanely low with their mortgage rates, so call us, (804) 362-7600. Go online where you can price out your own loan at view like pricing. Capitol Mortgage Group, a better way for your insanely low rate home loan.

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