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Pre-Approval App

Rates DROPPED!! Spring Housing Market is on FIRE!!!
Before you start House Shopping You need to get Pre-Approved.. The Better Way!

Everybody, it’s Ken at the Capitol Mortgage Group. As you probably heard, rates got a lot better this week after the fed meeting which is great news, especially since we just entered into the spring buying season. And guess what? It finally looks like spring outside. So if you want to get pre-approved before you start looking for a home, call me. 362-7600. Text me. 362-7600. And I’ll send you my Capitol Mortgage Group Better Way Mortgage App. You can apply, upload all your documents, your pay stubs, your W2s right from your phone. A total digital experience and after you’ve been approved you can run your own payment scenarios and even generate your own pre-approval letter when you find the perfect house right from your phone. So give me a call, Capitol Mortgage Group, where you can find a better way for your home loan. Thanks.

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